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I spent the money and it is worth every dime I have it on a 75gal african tank loaded with fish my water looks like glass. I removed the white fine filter (it clogs quickly) if anything it works better with out it (more flow) its been out 3mo looks like it will go a year like they say. all I can say about this filter is BUY IT my tank is almost maintenance free I vac the sand about every 6 wks it clears the water in an hr or so. I sold my diatom filter as I just dont need it anymore. If you shop around you can buy one for under 600 it is all you need you will thank yourself for the purtchase. I never write reviews but this filter deserves the praise.

Two errors in this review. Firstly the 2080 model doe not have a heater (the 2180 does). Secondly both these filter do not come with everything you need, you have to purchase the media (sold in a convenient media kit). You get the sponge media, but all the bio media has to be purchased ~$100.

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filter features an in-line heater that heats your water as it entersthe filter and is set via a LCD display screen. and it ensures your water temp is exactly what you want it to be.

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